Thursday, 22 July 2010

Posted by PicasaSo this is my man. Superman I'd like to call him, however he'd never agree with me!
He has totally transformed my world and partnered with me to create a relationship that has long been dreamed about and craved. How did it come about? Well this the funniest, simplest explanation I can provide....I simply listed the attributes I wanted in a man and in a romantic, intimate relationship!!

OK...I did more than that.....I let the list go. I dreamed it, craved it, thought about it and created it....then I let it go and in doing so, I let the Universe take over.

Neither of us were 'free' when I made my list, so of course, he wasn't going to find me until we were both ready. We happened to meet about 6 months after the list was created, and something began to stir.

Another surprise, was that, this man who walked into my life and filled a space I knew was empty and waiting for HIM, was someone I knew more than 25 years previously! We have both been totally taken aback by the force of our emotions....our love..... and have no words that can accurately express what we feel. Being IN LOVE, does not do our feelings justice!

It has been several months now since we first met and each day that arrives is magical. To wake with the face you love just there on the next pillow, sleeping quietly, is the most amazing feeling in the world! The days we spend together are awesome, as we learn more and more about each other, fall deeper and deeper in love, with each of us knowing that the other is not perfect.......just perfect for us!


Not a day goes past when I don't thank my lucky stars (or angels) for bringing this man to me. Gratitude enables me to grow, us to grow and we to grow. This is a story of the most precious gift I have ever received. (Other than life itself!) and I will publish it in full as we reach our 1 year anniversary. For this I know has already brought hope into people's lives, and joy, as they watch us connect on ever deepening levels, sharing our own joy with everyone we meet. We can't help but spread the love, our faces say it all!

Do please add your comments and let us know if you have enjoyed similar experiences of love and joy. I am sure we are not alone!

In love, joy, passion and peace, we leave you for just a while.
Your friends,
Martin and Andrea

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

What Do I Write About?

I write about life!

It's good to share what one has learned from life's varied experiences. I encourage all to do so. You don't have to be an expert writer to write - Blogging is cool - people want honest thoughts and feelings, don't they?! What do YOU think?

For me, the one thing I always did was write! I scribbled, took notes, jotted down my thoughts and I really enjoyed it too. Didn't realise I was a writer though!

I created poems, short stories, and I wrote greeting card rhymes! I still do!

These days, I KNOW I am a writer, and so as writers do, I am writing a book. It's my first and it's really about me - but way more wacky! I can design my own life - how cool!

I also write e-books, website copy and sales copy. That's called Copywriting! It's not as much fun as writing my own stories, yet it does give me a sense of satisfaction when my Clients say "Thank you". There are people who would rather pay someone else to do their writing for them, and that's where I come in.

I guess I am privileged - because I know where my passion lies!

Thanks for reading my blog - I will get back here after I've done the rounds of my other blogs - I have a few! Perhaps you've read them?!

Oh, before I go, can I ask you to do something today? - Write a list of the activities you are passionate about and see where you can share your stories with others. maybe even me!

See ya later.

Hugs all round,