Tuesday, 22 September 2009

What Do I Write About?

I write about life!

It's good to share what one has learned from life's varied experiences. I encourage all to do so. You don't have to be an expert writer to write - Blogging is cool - people want honest thoughts and feelings, don't they?! What do YOU think?

For me, the one thing I always did was write! I scribbled, took notes, jotted down my thoughts and I really enjoyed it too. Didn't realise I was a writer though!

I created poems, short stories, and I wrote greeting card rhymes! I still do!

These days, I KNOW I am a writer, and so as writers do, I am writing a book. It's my first and it's really about me - but way more wacky! I can design my own life - how cool!

I also write e-books, website copy and sales copy. That's called Copywriting! It's not as much fun as writing my own stories, yet it does give me a sense of satisfaction when my Clients say "Thank you". There are people who would rather pay someone else to do their writing for them, and that's where I come in.

I guess I am privileged - because I know where my passion lies!

Thanks for reading my blog - I will get back here after I've done the rounds of my other blogs - I have a few! Perhaps you've read them?!

Oh, before I go, can I ask you to do something today? - Write a list of the activities you are passionate about and see where you can share your stories with others. maybe even me!

See ya later.

Hugs all round,


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